The 7th International Conference on Biological Sciences


: Fakultas Biologi UGM


: Konferensi Virtual


: Novita Yustinadiar, +6282121144649 (WhatsApp only)


: 14 October 2021

Health is frequently considered as a basic human right and is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as not simply being free from illness but in a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Biodiversity can be considered as the establishment for human health as it supports the working of the ecosystems on which we depend for our food and fresh water; aids in regulating climate, floods, and disease; provide recreational benefits, and offers aesthetic and spiritual enrichment. Due to Covid pandemic issues, there is a huge concern on how people increase their health quality. These approaches could be the usage of health-enhancing agents such as supplements, natural products, or else traditional medicine, that sourced from the natural biodiversity treasury. Biodiversity additionally adds to local livelihoods, to both traditional and modern medicines, and to economic development. All human health at least relies upon biological system benefits that are made conceivable by biodiversity and the products derived from them. While the inter-linkages between biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human health are inherently complex, inter-disciplinary research is intending to build up a more careful comprehension of these essential relationships. The current rate of biodiversity loss may have grave consequences and hamper efforts to meet a range of Sustainable Development Goals and Targets, including those related to poverty, hunger, and health, by increasing the vulnerability of the poor and reducing their options for sustainable development. The biennial ICBS has facilitated an international meeting on biodiversity since 2009. In this fifth conference, we continue the tradition of uniting the spirit of science with the endeavor of scientists. Providing avenues of communication between scientists, consequently, is the best means of strengthening biodiversity knowledge and promoting the ideal of environmental sustainability. Bridging together the scientific communities and enables exchanges of experience and knowledge, as well as using the lessons learned here to inform the public and policymakers, helping to encourage better and more sustainable conduct and way of life. The 7th ICBS proudly presents its renowned venue where biologists collaborate and network with peers, learn from experts, explore the newest biological tools and technologies, and discover great career opportunities.

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The 7th International Conference on Biological Sciences

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CP: Novita Yustinadiar, +6282121144649 (WhatsApp only)